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At Wattcare, we believe that our team is, at the end of the day, what really makes the difference. And this is why we gathered a singular record of experienced engineers, with knowledge and competences in several areas, including electronics, software and firmware development, control systems, automation, database management, security control, and energy efficiency, allied with several years of experience in Research & Development (R&D).

Team Competences

In cooperation with our industrial partners, we propose state-of-the-art solutions for efficiency-oriented monitoring, supervision, automation, and control. These solutions are supported in high-reliability and high-efficiency hardware, thoroughly developed by our specialized team. In order to interact between themselves, our devices are equipped with different communications protocols and technologies, ranging from Power Line Communication (PLC) systems, to standard TCP/IP over wireless networks.

We also believe that the quality of our products can only be assured if we are entirely responsible for developing and implementing the key steps of the product chain. This can only be accomplished by guaranteeing the deployment of high-performance firmware, with the paramount requirement of enhanced security for all the major operations that involve some user action.

Finally, our software aims to comply with the following main objectives:

  • all the interfaces must be simple and clean, but also allow a myriad of operations
  • the solutions shall be sufficiently flexible, so that minor adjustments are necessary when the client's need change
  • this flexibility must not jeopardize the optimality of the solutions proposed.